Stephen Colbert Tackles Media’s Coverage of ISIS: ‘TV, Scare Me ‘Til It’s Brown Down Town’ (Video)

Colbert poked fun at Newt Gingrich for writing a fake Ronald Reagan speech he imagined the former president would give, if still alive, and somehow still president

Stephen Colbert mocked the new media’s coverage Thursday of ISIS, the terrorist group that behead journalist James Foley.

“TV, scare me ’til it’s brown down town,” Colbert joked before launching clips of reporters covering the group.

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In one of the highlights, Fox News’s Eric Bolling stressed that ISIS is not the junior varsity team of al-Qaeda, but the Green Bay Packers.

“Yes, they’re the Green Bay Packers — but with beheadings,” Colbert said during the segment (above). “So slightly less head trauma than the NFL.”

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The recent Emmy winner also delighted in “The Five” co-host personality Kimberly Guilfoyle asking for Russian president Vladimir Putin or  Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to become “head of the United States” for 48 hours so they could properly dismantle ISIS.

“As long as we’re making shit up, as a conservative my allegiance is, of course, with an even greater imaginary leader: Ronald Reagan,” Colbert said. “He’s the one we should be pretending is stopping this crisis.”

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Colbert was responding to Republican politician Newt Gingrich’s column, in which he wrote a fake speech he imagined Reagan would give — “if he were still alive, and somehow still president and serving a 9th term at the age of 103.”