‘Strays’: That Hilarious Celebrity Cameo Explained

It’s doggone funny

"Strays" (Universal)

“Strays,” the canine comedy featuring the voice talents of Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx and a slew of other stars, only has a handful of “human” roles.

There’s Will Forte as Doug, a pothead who abandons his poor dog Reggie (Ferrell) in the middle of the big city in an attempt to get rid of him.

Reggie befriends a street smart stray named Bug (Foxx) and they’re eventually joined by Hunter (Randall Park) and Maggie (Isla Fisher). As the group tries to retrace Reggie’s journey back to Doug’s house, they come across some outrageous characters, including one A-list actor.

Spoiler alert: Read on if you want to find out who the celebrity cameo in “Strays” is.

As the strays make their way across an open field, a eagle swoops in and flies away with Bug. Reggie tries to rescue his friend by clamping on Bug’s leg in an attempt to wrestle the bird to the ground.

The entire spectacle is captured by avid birdwatcher Dennis Quaid.

“That is the craziest thing I have ever seen, and Dennis Quaid has seen some crazy s–t,” the actor says in astonishment.

Of course, Quaid has starred in dozens of films over the years, including “A Dog’s Purpose” and “A Dog’s Journey,” adapted from W. Bruce Cameron’s bestsellers.

Those films also feature talking dogs, but are obviously far more family friendly than “Strays,” which is full of expletives and literal toilet humor.

“Strays” pokes fun at “A Dog’s Purpose” and “A Dog’s Journey” by including Gus, a golden retriever the strays come across at a carnival.

Gus “narrates” his owner’s tale to the strays, but they aren’t interested. The retriever’s tale takes a twisted turn when he reveals his owner is actually a mass murderer. Gus is voiced by none other than Josh Gad, who voices the dogs in “A Dog’s Purpose” and “A Dog’s Journey.”

Check out the “Strays” trailer, including Quaid’s cameo, below: