‘Succession’: Will Gerri and Roman Ever Seal the Deal? J. Smith-Cameron Weighs In

“He would be freaked out,” the Gerri actress says of Roman’s, uh, ability to perform

There are plenty of burning questions on HBO’s Emmy-winning drama series “Succession,” but one that’s top of mind for fans is – what, exactly, is going on between Gerri and Roman?

In Season 2, J. Smith-Cameron’s Gerri Kellman and Kieran Culkin’s Roman Roy took their filthy flirtation to the next level with an encounter of a somewhat sexual nature. The tension has somewhat taken a backseat in Season 3 for other plot lines, but it’s made clear that there’s still something going on there, and during a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live!” Cameron weighed in on whether she thinks Roman and Gerri will ever consummate… whatever this is.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so,” Smith-Cameron told Andy Cohen during a rapid fire session of a segment called Clubhouse Quickie. “I feel like, first of all let’s just talk about him, I don’t think he could do that, right? He would be freaked out… and I think my character’s too careful to do that. But, you know, if the writers write it…”

Indeed, the tension between Gerri and Roman is so fun, it’d almost be a letdown to see the two actually do the deed and deal with the ramifications. And yet, if we’ve learned anything from “Succession” it’s that the show’s writers are adept at milking any situation for every ounce of drama and intrigue it’s worth. So, never say never.

During the segment, Smith-Cameron answered other burning “Succession” questions from Cohen like who Logan’s favorite child is (Roman), whether Cousin Greg is as gullible as he seems (No) and whether Tom and Shiv actually love each other (“I think they did, I’m not sure what’s happening now,” she replied).

Watch the video above. Only two episodes remain in the current third season of “Succession,” but HBO has already renewed the series for a fourth season.