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‘Gotham’ to Cash In on ‘Suicide Squad’ Buzz With Killer Croc, Harley Quinn

TCA 2016: Versions of the supervillains will appear on the Fox show in future seasons

“Gotham” is adding a few of the supervillains from “Suicide Squad.” Well, sort of.

A “proto-version” of Killer Croc and a “forerunner” for Harley Quinn are headed to the faux Fox city, though “not necessarily” this season, executive producer John Stephens said Monday.

When asked to clarify what a “proto-version” is, he said, “That might just be, like, Reddit talk for, ‘We haven’t quite figured it out.'”

Oh, OK.

“It’s sort of like you see the first version of it, and you see how it comes from [that] after-the-fact,” Stephens continued. “As if you see someone who has a scientific anomaly so their skin grows in a certain way, and [you say], ‘Oh, I’m gonna take that and grow Killer Croc from that in the future.'”

Got it.

“Gotham” and “Lucifer” shared a panel this afternoon at Fox’s Television Critics Association summer press tour. From the other end of the Beverly Hilton stage, “Lucifer” producers revealed that Michael Imperioli is joining Season 2 as angel Uriel, the devil’s brother.

The TCA tour continues tomorrow with FX presentations. The whole thing wraps on Thursday.