‘Suits’ Returns to the Top 10 Streaming Rankings | Charts

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With Netflix’s push, the USA Network show is proving a lasting attraction for viewers

suits usa network netflix
USA Network show "Suits" has found new fans on streaming. (Credit: USA Network)

Netflix originals regularly take the top spots in the Wrap Report, as they did for the week of Aug. 14-20 once again. But the streamer’s sixth entry in the week’s chart of the most-viewed streaming programs that’s particularly notable: Season 1 of “Suits,” which originally aired on USA 12 years ago, is once again among the top 10 streaming programs. 

The legal drama made the charts for four consecutive weeks earlier this summer, and its return to the top 10 demonstrates its lasting attraction among audiences since Netflix added the series in June. Netflix has found new audiences for the series by tapping its recommendation engines to reach viewers of the “Harry & Meghan” documentary as well as leaning into the popular drama and crime genres.