Sydney Sweeney Says ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Is ‘So Different’ From First 2: ‘People Will Be Really Amazed’

The actress and producer also says that costarring in “Madame Web” was a “strategic business decision”

Sydney Sweeney attends the premiere of Neon's "Immaculate" during Beyond Fest at The Egyptian Theatre Hollywood on March 15, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.
Sydney Sweeney at a premiere of Neon's "Immaculate" (Getty Images)

Sydney Sweeney teased Monday that “Euphoria” Season 3 will mark a change in pace for the hit HBO teen drama.

“People will be really amazed with what Season 3 becomes,” the actress said in a  recent GQ profile. “I think that’s good because Seasons 1 and 2 were so different.”

The actress, currently touting the release of her upcoming horror film “Immaculate” following its well-received SXSW premiere, Sweeney will next return to play Cassie Howard in “Euphoria” in “the next two months,” according to the outlet.

Looking ahead to a potential Season 4, Sweeney said, “I think that if there’s more story to tell with Cassie then, yes, because I do love that role and I love the community. But it’s whatever does the story justice.”

Looking to her other recent project, “Madame Web,” the actress revealed she’d be open to a sequel film and emphasized the “strategic business decision” behind her joining the Dakota Johnson-led project with Sony and Marvel.

“I think that if the story is right and you have the right team, I would love to,” Sweeney said of a hypothetical follow-up to “Madame Web.”

She also identified her choice to accept the role of Julia Carpenter as a stepping stone to other big projects with the studio.

“To me, that film was a building block, it’s what allowed me to build a relationship with Sony. Without doing ‘Madame Web’ I wouldn’t have a relationship with the decision-makers over there,” she explained. “Everything in my career I do not just for that story, but strategic business decisions. Because I did that, I was able to sell ‘Anyone But You.’ I was able to get ‘Barbarella.’”

And as far as another hypothetical sequel to her work, Sweeney turned her attention to “Anyone But You” with Glen Powell, saying that there are “a bunch of different ideas” are being tossed around. The actress emphasized similar themes of new, good material should the sequel get greenlit.

“We just want to make sure that whatever we do gives the audience what they want and at the same time is new and exciting for us.”

But first up is “Immaculate,” hitting theaters Friday.


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