Taylor Lorenz Denies NY Times Report That She’s Moved Teams at Washington Post and Must Have Stories Reviewed by Top Editor

“This is a flat out lie. Literally just made up. Zero about my job has changed since I got to WaPo,” the reporter says in a tweet

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The Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz is denying a The New York Times report published Friday that claimed her job had been moved from the features staff to the technology team and that senior managing editor Cameron Barr has been asked to review her articles before publication.

Lorenz is a technology reporter who this year joined the Washington Post from the New York Times. And the detail came as part of a larger NYT story on WaPo’s executive editor Sally Buzbee a year into her job, and when the story was picked up by other reporters and outlets, Lorenz labeled the report “a flat out lie.”

“This is a flat out lie. Literally just made up. Zero about my job has changed since I got to WaPo. Check my bio: I’m a tech columnist writing features on internet culture. I have the *exact* same job as when I joined. Nothing about this story is true,” Lorenz said in a Saturday morning tweet in which the publication Mediaite claimed that she had been “demoted” based on the Times report.

“I have absolutely not been demoted, not even remotely. My job has not changed at all. I joined WaPo as a technology columnist writing tech features and I still have the exact same job. Cameron has always edited my stories, he edits all the big stories on the site,” she said in a separate tweet in response to a tweet from the NYT story’s author and media reporter Benjamin Mullin.

TheWrap has reached out to The Washington Post for comment.

Lorenz was the subject of online criticism following her column about YouTube content creators covering the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial. Two YouTubers claimed after her story was published that they had not been contacted by Lorenz before running the story, leading the newspaper to issue a correction. Lorenz had said the issue was inserted in the post due to a miscommunication with an editor.

Heightened media attention of Lorenz began when Tucker Carlson in 2021 attacked Lorenz by name at the top of his Fox News show, something the New York Times then fired back at by calling it a “calculated and cruel attack.” And since her time at the Times, she’s attracted an inordinate amount of online criticism, particularly from those in the right wing media.