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Taylor Swift Names Showbiz Role Models, Says Her Career is Unmatched

The ”1989“ singer says she can’t find anyone with a career like hers, and bemoans the lack of female role models in music

Taylor Swift hums a few bold tunes in a new interview, claiming her career is unmatched in the industry and bemoaning the lack of female role models in music.

“We’re taught to find examples for the way we want our lives to wind up. But I can’t find anyone, really, who’s had the same career trajectory as mine,” Swift told Time magazine.

Currently enjoying the staggering success of her latest album “1989,” Swift points to the media for her failing to find a mentor in her field.

“I just struggle to find a woman in music who hasn’t been completely picked apart by the media, or scrutinized and criticized for aging, or criticized for fighting aging — it just seems to be much more difficult to be a woman in music and to grow older,” she said.

Swift does, however, concede to admiration for lady entrepreneurs and Hollywood actresses.

“I do have female role models in the sense of actresses like Mariska Hargitay. I think she has a beautiful life and an incredible career, and I think she’s built that for herself. She’s one of the highest paid actresses — actors in general, women or men — on television,” Swift said.

“And Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. I really love her business, and how she sticks to who she is, and how people relate to it.”

Between Olivia Benson and the Contessa, rest easy that Taylor has northern stars to guide her. Catch her next performing live on the American Music Awards on Nov. 23.