Inside the 2017 TCA Awards: Host Kristin Chenoweth Charms, Sings Duet With Sterling K Brown

We have winners, a Snapchat filter, and Reese Witherspoon doing her best Nicole Kidman

Kirstin Chenoweth and Sterling K. Brown onstage at the 33rd Annual Television Critics Association Awards during the 2017 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 5, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.

The 2017 TCA Awards are all handed out, but there was more to see Saturday than just some trophy presentations. And we’re not just referring to the prime rib carving station.

TheWrap was in attendance at the Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom, where Kristin Chenoweth emceed the annual summer event. Here’s what else we witnessed:

We’re All Winners!
Well, not really — but these people and shows sure are. That hyperlink goes to the complete winners list, which you can also access via the below “Also Read.” This section’s heading is particularly fitting because on this non-televised awards show, pretty much only the winners — who have been given notice — show up.

Chenoweth Charms
The 33rd annual TCA Awards host sang, joked and played dress-up to keep us entertained throughout the evening. The Broadway and screen star also suggested a completely new name for our awards: The Chennys. We’ll see if that sticks around for next year.

Let’s Duet
“This Is Us” star Sterling K. Brown was called up on stage during Chenoweth’s monologue, when two duo belted out “For Good” from her “Wicked” musical. Dude can hit notes, you guys. Yes, fellas, the world is unfair.

We Have a Snapchat Filter!
Apparently, the TCA Awards now comes complete with its own Snapchat Filter, per the flyers laid out on each table. This writer still doesn’t know what that exactly means, but it probably includes fake dog ears and noses. At least we also had an open bar.

But “Seinfeld” Has No Seinfeld
Former NBC network executive Warren Littlefield was in attendance to accept this year’s Heritage Award for “Seinfeld.” Or maybe he was really in the house for all those “Handmaid’s Tale” trophies, and this thing just worked out. Either way.

Noticeably absent for the particularly predetermined award were Jerry Seinfeld and co-creator Larry David. TheWrap was told that the TCA asked the duo to at least make a “Thank You” video for the occasion, but those requests were declined. At least we got a highlight reel from the classic comedy to lead Littlefield in.

The Queen “of Queens” Gets Night’s First Trophy – and Emotional
Docuseries “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” took home the evening’s initial award, and the A&E show’s titular star struck a very serious tone in her acceptance speech. An emotional Remini dedicated her award to those who stand up to bullies. She then thanked the critics for proving Scientology wrong, in terms of the church’s declaration that the former “King of Queens” star would be nothing in Hollywood after defecting.

“Speechless” Showrunner Slays Doc McStuffins
Not the children’s show, mind you, but the actual titular 6-year-old pediatrician.There were so many good jokes in this takedown, we won’t even risk butchering them in written form. If you haven’t watched the family friendly ABC sitcom, perhaps its time to give it a chance.

“Speechless” and “Doc McStuffins” were both nominated for best in Youth Programming.

Reese Witherspoon Makes a Pretty Good Aussie
While accepting the Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials award for HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” Witherspoon read a note from show standout Nicole Kidman, who we were told is back home shooting “Aquaman.” The “Legally Blonde” alum did it all in a pretty terrific Australian accent, showing that she’s down with the Down Under drawl.