The Best Ted Cruz Diss Tweets From His ‘Hangover III’ Writer Ex-Roommate

“Ted Cruz did not have a dildo stashed under his pillow. Ted Cruz slept on top of his pillow,” “Hangover II” writer Craig Mazin informs the Twitterati

ted cruz sex scandal news conference

Ted Cruz probably shouldn’t count on his former college roommate for support in his election bid.

“The Hangover II” and “The Hangover III” writer Craig Mazin, who roomed with the presidential candidate at Princeton, has lately turned his writing talents to another passion: ripping his old roomie apart via Twitter.

Mazin hit up social media on Tuesday to beat up on Cruz for apparently flip-flopping on the prospect of a contested convention for the GOP — a prospect that has been gaining steam recently.

“Classic Ted Cruz,” Mazin wrote. “‘A contested convention would be a disaster.’ Until it’s good for HIM. Now it’s ‘very simple.’”

As it turns out, that was just Mazin’s opening salvo. Because then it got personal on Wednesday.

Asked about Cruz advocating for a ban on sex toys when he was Texas conservator general, Mazin offered this chestnut:

“Ted Cruz did not have a dildo stashed under his pillow. Ted Cruz slept on top of his pillow.”

Mazin went on to suggest that Cruz was a bit of a jackoff in his college years.

“Ted Cruz thinks people don’t have a right to ‘stimulate their genitals,’” Mazin wrote. “I was his college roommate. This would be a new belief of his.”

Mazin eventually turned his attentions to his day gig, but not before taking a parting shot at his old roommate, via a segment from TBS’ “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” which tackled Ted Cruz’s fans on the fanatical religious right.

“Gotta go to work, but here’s a little something to watch… the geniuses at @FullFrontalSamB raising the bar,” Mazin wrote.

All fair points. And if they distract Mazin from the notion that “The Hangover IV” might be a good idea, all the better.

Read Mazin’s social-media jihad against his old roommate below.