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Here’s What the Emmys Bleeped From ‘Ted Lasso’ Star Brett Goldstein’s Speech

”This speech is going to be f—ing short,“ the actor who plays Roy Kent said

You just knew that if Brett Goldstein won an Emmy for playing the frequently foul-mouthed Roy Kent on “Ted Lasso,” he would have to himself throw in an F-bomb or two.

Well unlike on Apple TV+, the Emmys of course had to bleep out Goldstein’s speech, even though he said upfront that he was “specifically told I’m not allowed to swear.”

“So this speech is going to be f—ing short,” Goldstein said on the Emmys stage, even though you didn’t hear it at home.

But that was just bleep one! Goldstein then thanked his “Ted Lasso” co-stars and said that winning the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series is among the “greatest honors and privileges.” He actually misspoke and said “privileges” twice, and that led to F-bomb No. 2.

“It’s the most privileged of privileges,” he said. “Well this is the f—ing icing on the cake,” holding up his trophy as he spoke.

Brett Goldstein won in a field that also included his “Ted Lasso” co-stars Nick Mohammed, Brendan Hunt and Jeremy Swift. His Emmy was actually the second Emmy that “Ted Lasso” won incredibly early in the evening, as Hannah Waddingham also picked up her Supporting Actress Emmy for portraying Rebecca Welton.

Backstage, Goldstein didn’t realize he had been bleeped or even what he said, telling a journalist, “Truthfully I don’t know what I said. It was all a blur.”

“I’m struggling to take any of this in because it’s so f—ing surreal,” he added of what it was like when he won, not even realizing amid all the singing and dancing that he’d win so soon afterward. “I didn’t realize we would be up so quickly…what is going on?

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