5 Shocking Reveals From ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3, Episode 11

The penultimate episode sets up for a great (potential series) finale for the Apple TV+ comedy

Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster in "Ted Lasso" Season 3 Episod 11
Apple TV+

The final whistle is approaching for “Ted Lasso” Season 3, which looks more and more like the final installment of the Apple TV+ comedy series starring Jason Sudeikis as the title character. Talk about a cliffhanger at the end of the penultimate episode, “Mom City,” which brought the story about fatherly figures full circle by introducing some of the mothers who made these men who they are.

Ted’s own mother Dottie (Becky Ann Baker) paid him an unexpected visit in Richmond before their big match versus Manchester City, the sky blue team that Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) briefly defected to at the end of Season 1. Jamie’s mom also made an appearance.

Family members often bring out different sides of us, but a certain dilemma involving one Nate the Great (Nick Mohammed) shed a lot of light on the backstory of one Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt).

Read on for more surprising reveals from the penultimate episode of “Ted Lasso” Season 3:

Ted’s Mom Paid a Visit

Dottie Lasso (Becky Ann Baker) booked a Mother’s Day trip for herself to visit Ted in England, but she didn’t warn him that she was coming. He walks out of his apartment to head to work on a normal day when he finds her sitting on a bench outside. She stayed a week in a hostel before letting him know she was there. Ted could tell something was wrong, but she didn’t broach the subject until he said a combination of thank yous and f— yous at the end of the episode to express his feelings.

Meeting Jamie’s Mom

In a clever callback to Season 2’s blue moon episode, where Coach Beard goes on quite the adventure, Jamie snuck out of the hotel in Manchester City to pay a visit to none other than his mother (Leanne Best). He’d been feeling off lately, and Keeley (Juno Temple) and eventually Ted, help him realize why. Keeley and Roy (Brett Goldstein) trail him without knowing where he’s going, but he catches them. He decides to lead them to his family home anyway, where they find posters of themselves in his childhood bedroom — Roy’s with long hair from his early professional days and Keeley’s with no clothes but holding soccer balls. P.S. — our last recap assumed Roy and Keelye are back together, but turns out they are just friends? Roy doesn’t want to be just friends, though, so we shall see.

Jamie later had a killer moment in the match versus Manchester City in front of a crowd that booed him, only to clap for him when he got subbed off with an injury.

Jamie’s Dad Isn’t Dead

It turns out Jamie’s very worried about another possible confrontation with his dad James Tartt (Kieran O’Brien) at Man City, but he’s noticeably absent from the match. Jamie got injured and took some time on the sidelines to get some painkillers, and he scans the crowd for his old man. Ted asked him what he would say to his dad, and he responded with “F— you” and then “Thank you.” 

Ted puts Jamie back on the field for a great play and goal after saying maybe it’s time for the skilled player to forgive his father. Two men in the audience say his dad would have been proud and toast to James with their flasks, making it seem like he’s dead. But a cut to the man in some sort of facility (maybe rehab) assures viewers that he is alive and well.

Beard Invites Nate Back to Coaching AFC Richmond

Ted skillfully guilted Beard into being the one to invite Nate back to officially coach for Richmond, after Colin, Isaac and Will visited Taste of Athens to check on their former tactics coach. Nate asked the trio if Ted would be OK with it, but they reveal they wanted to check with him before approaching Ted. 

Beard showed up at Nate’s apartment in his typical intimidating fashion, only to share a very personal part of his and Ted’s history with Nate. Beard shared that he went to jail for stealing drugs, and Ted put him up when he got out on parole. Beard then stole Ted’s car, and he would’ve gone back to prison if Ted hadn’t convinced the police that he gave Beard the car. Beard invoked this story to explain to Nate why he now wanted to give him a second chance.

Ted’s Truth Bomb

At the end of the episode, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) arrived to the locker room to tell Ted that normally, she should have a big truth bomb to drop on him since it’s already that time of year again. She racked her brain for anything to share with Ted, but she came up blank. 

Ted shrugs but then says that HE HAS ONE. Way to tee up the finale, Sudeikis!

The “Ted Lasso” Season 3 finale premieres Wednesday, May 31, on Apple TV+.