Why ‘Ted Lasso’ Sound Editor Learned to Love Actors’ Messy Closets

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, actors on Apple TV+’s hit series dubbed dialogue from within very private places

In March, when much of the country entered lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the makers of Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso” faced a dilemma. The 10-episode sitcom, about a Kansas City football coach (Jason Sudeikis) hired to lead a Premier League soccer team in England, had completed all of the principal photography, plus all of the post-production on the pilot episode. That left nine episodes to go in order to make Apple’s August debut date. 

Editing and visual effects work could be completed by their respective departments in quarantine. But with the cast unable to enter the set or studio, the process of ADR — Automated Dialogue Replacement, basically the re-recording of the actors’ lines as required for clarity or script changes — would prove more complicated.

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