Ted Lasso Is Vengeance Instead of Sunshine in Remixed ‘The Batman’ Trailer (Video)

Who needs a bat signal when you have a “Believe” sign?

For every “Ted Lasso” critic who has said the beloved soccer coach played by Jason Sudeikis is too happy for their tastes, a “Bizarro Ted Lasso” now exists. In a new, remixed trailer, Ted Lasso is no longer his usual sunshine self — he’s vengeance. He’s Batman.

The trailer, created by video producer Jason Gallagher, takes the audio of the recently released trailer for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” but puts it over footage from the Apple TV+ hit, making it far more ominous. In it Nate (Nick Mohammed) and Ted’s rapidly fraying relationship becomes more of a superhero/supervillain origin story, essentially making Ted the new Caped Crusader and Nate the Riddler.

And so far, some of the actual “Ted Lasso” cast is giving the video their seal of approval. Mohammed himself wrote “OK this is pretty cool!” while Brett Goldstein, who plays fan-favorite Roy Kent — imagined in this trailer as the Penguin — said “Brilliant trailer (but only watch if you’ve finished season two.)”

And yes, his warning is apt. This remixed trailer is full of spoilers for “Ted Lasso.”

Even Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca has a Gotham counterpart, with this video slotting her in as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman (set to be played in the DC film by Zoe Kravitz). You can watch the full video above.

Sadly, the full “I am vengeance” line that fans latched onto in the trailer was omitted, but Lasso still makes a pretty great hero. In this case, his “Believe” sign is his bat signal and for every physical blow delivered in the actual “The Batman” trailer — marked by an abrupt bass beat — the cast instead delivers a hug. Because, well, it’s still “Ted Lasso.”

That said, Roy Kent’s many f-bomb drops do make it into the footage, and naturally, they’re right on beat.

In case you missed it, you can watch the actual trailer for “The Batman,” released during DC Fandome on Saturday, here.