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The Associated Press Recognizes a Group Selfie as an ‘Usie’

Finally, people can stop exhausting their vocal chords by pronouncing an unnecessary syllable

First there was the selfie, then Jimmy Kimmel coined the twofie, and now the Associated Press is throwing its support behind an “usie.”

The AP enlightened the world on Wednesday by explaining that the term (pronounced us-ee) is used to describe a group selfie, like the record breaker Ellen DeGeneres made Bradley Cooper snap (above) at the Oscars earlier this year — only nobody called it that.

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According to Ben Zimmer, executive producer of Vocabulary.com and language columnist for The Wall Street Journal, the word has been tossed around since 2013.

“There are countless variations on the theme, including ‘twofie,’ ‘threefie,’ et cetera, if you want to specify the number of people photographed,” Zimmer said.

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Translation? People make up stupid words all the time.

For example, TheWrap hereby declares if you take a picture of three or more people — including yourself — on a bus, you can call it a “busie.” But don’t look like an idiot in front of your friends by confusing that with a “busey,” a picture you take of yourself and actor Gary Busey.

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