‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 Finale: And the Final Rose Goes to …

Joey Graziadei decides between committing to Kelsey Anderson or Daisy Kent in the ABC series’ dramatic conclusion

Joey Graziadei on the Season 28 finale of "The Bachelor" (Disney/John Fleenor)

Note: This story contains spoilers for “The Bachelor” Season 28 finale.

The finale of “The Bachelor” Season 28 is finally here and all eyes are on leading man Joey Graziadei to make a choice between his two remaining women: Kelsey Anderson or Daisy Kent.

The finale kicked off with Graziadei’s family separately meeting both Anderson and Kent, which prompted a crushing realization from Graziadei that, no matter what happens, two people would be heartbroken: himself and the woman he sends home.

After Graziadei noted Kent held back while meeting his family, Kent revealed in a confessional that she wanted to tell Graziadei that she loves him, but said it hurt because she was worried he wasn’t sure how he feels about her. During their evening date, Kent told Graziadei that she loved him, but noted she felt like she didn’t get much validation back from him, especially after he left their date somewhat abruptly. Kent said in a confessional she doesn’t think she will be Graziadei’s final rose pick.

During Anderson’s final date with Graziadei, Anderson reiterated how clearly she could see the pair together at the end of the process, and ended the date feeling reassured and validated, despite knowing that Kent was also still dating Graziadei.

On the engagement day, Kent felt anything but excited, and noted she felt Graziadei’s “off” behavior was his way of preparing her for his decision.

Kent went to go see Anderson ahead of the potential proposal, and Kent asked Anderson about her date — and Anderson told Kent she received validation from Graziadei — and told Anderson that their date felt like something was “missing.”

After their conversation, Kent and Anderson drove to the proposal site together, and Kent went to speak with Graziadei first, eventually telling him “you’re not going to choose me.” Graziadei admitted she was right, and told her how special she was. Despite offering to walk her out, Kent said walking away is something she should do on her own. Kent walked back up and gave Anderson a final hug, and told Anderson her mom would be watching the moment of her proposal from above.

Ultimately, Graziadei proposed to Anderson, who accepted his proposal. The pair remain engaged.

The finale of “The Bachelor” will stream on Hulu beginning Tuesday.


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