‘The Bear’ Star Ebon Moss-Bachrach Talks That Taylor Swift Needle Drop and ‘Wanting to Do the Song Justice’ | Video

The Emmy winner also teases his prediction for Richie’s arc in Season 3

Emmy winner Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who stars as Richie in FX’s “The Bear,” kept the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” close while shooting the iconic needledrop scene in Season 2 of the kitchen comedy series.

“I had to memorize that before,” the actor told TheWrap on the Emmys red carpet Monday, video of which you can watch above. “Between takes, I would look at the lyrics just to make sure that I was doing the song justice.”

The actor, whose role of Cousin Richie was involved a Taylor Swift ticket chase plot thread in Season 2, thanked the singer in his Critcs Choice Award acceptance speech, calling her one of his two special scene partners. He didn’t know if there were any other Taylor Swift songs in consideration for the scene in which he triumphantly belts “Love Story” in the car after securing the tickets for his daughter.

“That’s above my paygrade,” he said. “I don’t really know about them needle drops or anything like that.”

As for Richie’s arc in Season 3 of the comedy, which dominated Monday’s 75th Emmys, Moss-Bachrach couldn’t reveal much, but he did hint at his own thoughts about what lies in store for Richie.

“You know how personal development is — you make a little bit of progress and then something else happens and you fall back into old patterns, so I’m not really sure. We’ll see,” he said.

The actor also revealed that he’ll get his scripts for the comedy’s third season in a week or two, but if he had them he would share more.

“I’m blissfully ignorant,” he said.

He couldn’t confirm or deny those “Fantastic Four” rumors either. He later went in for a big smooch on costar Matty Matheson’s lips after the show’s cast and crew won Best Comedy at the end of the Emmys. He called it “a blur” backstage in the press room.


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