‘The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Offers ‘Humble’ Suggestion for Republicans to Win Over Women | Video

The Comedy Central correspondent bashed the GOP’s abortion strategy and Trump selling Bibles

“The Daily Show” correspondent and occasional host Jordan Klepper offered up a simple way Republicans can win over women voters: give them their rights back.

Klepper devoted a significant chunk of Tuesday night’s episode to mocking the right’s strategy when it comes to women voters. At the GOP’s policy retreat, it was recommended that “members express empathy to women,” a “novel idea” Klepper pretended to look surprised by and copy down. He then proceeded to do the same with several more clips, ending on a segment during which “Fox & Friends” co-host Lawrence Jones said “a majority of Americans don’t like the rape and incest thing.”

“Here’s a humble suggestion: Maybe one way to win over women is to not to talk about rape and incest like it’s a menu item you forgot the name of,” Klepper said on Comedy Central. “Oh, we went to a cute place, and we had the rape and incest thing with the filo dough crust. So good.”

Klepper then got to the heart of his segment. “Obviously, if Republicans want to get the support of women, they could focus less on tweaking their messaging and just, I don’t know, give women their rights back,” he said. “Not that complicated.”

“The Daily Show” then launched into a trailer for “What Women Voters Want,” a fake movie that revolves around Republican Senator Tim Greco, a U.S. politician who likes “fast cars, sexy women and abortion bans with no exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother.” But when he’s turned into “the one thing his party didn’t understand” — a woman — his life is turned upside down.

Klepper’s opening monologue largely focused not on abortion bans but on the news that Donald Trump has started selling $60 Bibles. The late night host pitched that Trump and Rudy Giuliani should have teamed up to do a “sexy car wash” to pay off their legal fees before calling the Bible venture “embarrassing grifter s–t.”

“Just start a private space company like a normal billionaire sociopath. You don’t see Elon Musk selling his farts in jars to perverts, do you?” Klepper said.


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