‘The Daily Show’ Drags Biden’s ‘World Peace’ Brag After Sending $95 Billion to War Efforts: ‘Is Peace the One With the Tanks?’ | Video

“I went to public school that wasn’t funded because they spent all that money on ‘peace,'” Jordan Klepper jokes

President Biden touted “a good day for world peace” this week after he signed an aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan into law. But, realizing that the package included $95 billion to help with those countries’ war efforts, the hosts of “The Daily Show” were a bit confused on the “world peace” part.

To kick off the night’s news segment, correspondents Ronny Chieng and Jordan Klepper noted that President Biden had a win this week, playing a clip of him praising potential “world peace,” among other things.

“Oh! A good day for world peace! I’ve wanted one of those!” Klepper said excitedly. “I wonder what happened. Did the nations of the world finally band together to outlaw war? Did they finally buy everyone in the world a Coke? Is there finally peace between Kendrick and Drake? What is it?”

The hosts then played a news clip explaining that the aid package Biden signed into law meant “about $95 billion will go toward assisting Ukraine and Israel’s war efforts, and money to counter China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific,” while playing footage of tanks on the ground and military ships in the water.

“Oh! Oh. ‘World peace,’” Klepper said, placing air quotes around the term. “OK. OK. Is peace the one with the tanks? Is that the one? I went to public school that wasn’t funded because they spent all that money on ‘peace.’”

At that, Chieng jumped in, joking that maybe Biden was being sarcastic, which Klepper conceded. But then Klepper honed in on the money going to Taiwan.

“Now, they’re not at war yet, but you got to book a reservation in advance just to save your spots,” he joked.

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show,” above.


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