John Leguizamo Says Pence Shouldn’t Have to Share Conversations Where Trump Berated Him: ‘That Could Take Weeks!’ (Video)

“These jury members have families to go home to!” Leguizamo joked

Former vice president Mike Pence has officially been ordered to give testimony in one of the ongoing investigations into his former boss, but John Leguizamo isn’t so sure that’s a great idea. But that’s mostly because he thinks it’ll take forever.

It was reported on Wednesday that a federal judge has ordered Pence to testify specifically in regards to the twice-impeached former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, in which he lost to Joe Biden.

During Wednesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show,” guest host John Leguizamo pulled up a clip from CNN’s reporting, in which it was noted that Pence will likely need to answer questions about private conversations he had with Trump leading up to January 6, including ones where Trump berated him.

“Oh come on man, don’t make Pence say all the names that Trump called him,” Leguizamo said. “Yo, that could take weeks! These jury members have families to go home to. Although, as a viewer, it’s something I’d like to see, actually.”

With that, Leguizamo then turned to one of the secondary cameras, donned a Pence-esque wig, and acted out exactly how he thought it might go, suggesting Trump hurled names like “little mashed potato boy” and “a silver-haired baby bitch,” among others, at his VP.

Leguizamo then threw things over to correspondent Roy Wood Jr., who joked that “this is about to be the whitest trial of all time” — even more so than the ongoing case featuring Gwyneth Paltrow.

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.