‘The Daily Show’: Trevor Noah Jokes Obama’s White House Portrait Looks Like It Was ‘Taken at the DMV’ (Video)

“The Daily Show” host also hopes that flirty Barack and Michelle get a room at the White House to help Biden “figure s— out”

On Wednesday, Barack and Michelle Obama returned to the White House five years after leaving to unveil their presidential portraits — sparking pleas for help and a few good natured barbs from “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah.

These paintings will hang in the White House forever, as is customary for the First Couple once they leave office. While Michelle’s portrait is a vibrant mix of colors, Barack’s painting sees his figure standing against a stark white background, which threw Noah for a loop.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m not an art expert. I don’t know the difference between Michelangelo and the other Ninja Turtles. But what is going on with the Obama portrait? Why is he standing in a white void?” Noah joked. “I don’t get it. It looks like he got his portrait taken at the DMV. Why does it look like this?”

Later, he added: “Look at Michelle’s. She looks like a movie star painted by a French artiste. Obama’s looks like they ran out of printer toner for the background.”

While unveiling the portraits, Barack thanked artist Sharon Sprung for capturing all of the things he loves about Michelle, including “the fact that she’s fine.” Noah took the flirty joke as an opportunity to extend an invitation to the famous power couple to lend a helping hand to the nation.

“Get a room you two…No, seriously, get a room at the White House and help Biden figure s— out, please. Just get a room there. You guys are so great.”

Noah also joked that it must be “really weird to live in a house with portraits of your enemies.” Given the back-and-forth power struggle between Republicans and Democrats over the last couple centuries, he may have a point there.

“They hang these in the White House, but you’re not in the White House anymore. The person who’s in the White House probably doesn’t roll with you.