‘The Daily Show’: Wanda Sykes Mocks Trump for Not Knowing Silk at Diamond’s Funeral: ‘Diamond’s Dead But I’m Gonna Bury Silk’ (Video)

“Knowing Trump, he probably only has room for one Black woman in his brain at a time,” Sykes joked

Twice impeached former president Donald Trump delivered a eulogy for Diamond this week, one half of the singing duo “Diamond and Silk,” who became a mainstay at Trump rallies. But “The Daily Show” guest host Wanda Sykes is pretty sure his eulogy killed both women.

Diamond was a COVID denier and anti-vaxxer who died Jan. 9 — almost certainly from COVID-19, incidentally. And, during her eulogy, Trump noted that he only really knew Diamond, despite the fact that she and her sister regularly performed for Trump rallies together and even took meetings with the him.

“I thought I knew them both. I didn’t,” Trump said during his speech at the funeral. “I knew Diamond, but I didn’t know Silk at all. I just learned about Silk.”

And at that, Sykes was truly entertained.

“It’s like Trump showed up to that funeral like, ‘Diamond’s dead, but I’m gonna bury Silk,’” Sykes mocked. “‘Oh yeah, there’s room for two in that casket.’ I mean, come on. To say you know Diamond but don’t know Silk is wild because they’re always together. That’s like saying, ‘I know Bert, but I never heard of this Ernie fella.’”

That said, Sykes wasn’t exactly surprised by Trump’s words. According to the comedian, he probably conflates Black women all the time.

“Knowing Trump, he probably only has room for one Black woman in his brain at a time. If he turns on the TV right now, he’ll be like, ‘Wow, Diamond’s hosting ‘The Daily Show!’ You know, a week ago, she was dead, but thanks to me, she’s risen!’”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.