‘Fault in Our Stars’ Hunk Ansel Elgort Busted Out Some Tap Dancing Moves for Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Now who’s the adorable song-and-dance man, Jimmy?!

Because he doesn’t have enough going for him already, Ansel Elgort decided to reveal a hidden talent on the “Tonight” Show on Monday evening.

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Largely unknown before this year, the New York City-native is skyrocketing to fame with his roles in the “Divergent” series and, more significantly, the upcoming adaptation of the John Green novel “The Fault in Our Stars.” He plays Augustus Waters, a charming cad of a cancer survivor in the beloved YA crossover novel, and both the role and his handsome mug earned him a shrieking reception when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon‘s stage at 30 Rock.

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Then, he busted out some tap dance moves, and the screams just got louder.

There will be a lot more of this to come.