12 Most Shocking Moments From ‘The Idol’ Episode 5

The HBO drama’s season one finale ended with an unexpected twist

Lily-Rose Depp in "The Idol" season finale. (Eddy Chen/HBO)

Note: This story contains spoilers from the The Idol” episode 5.

“The Idol” finale is finally here and the HBO drama held onto its title as the most scandalous show of the summer until the very end.

Episode 4 of the Sam Levinson-created show left off with a grim outlook for Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) after the pop star gave her backup dancer and so-called friend Dyanne (Jennie Kim) the green light to take Jocelyn’s song, “World Class Sinner,” as her own. If her carefully planned comeback getting destroyed wasn’t enough, her personal life was also left in the toilet after learning that Dyanne and Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye) previously knew each other and had a relationship before Jocelyn and Tedros met.

Seeking revenge, Jocelyn called up her ex-boyfriend, Rob, to come to her house, who succeeded in making Tedros jealous. Jocelyn’s plan backfired, of course, when Tedros employed Xander to capture a risqué photo of Rob with a barely-clothed woman.

As Tedros’ crew — or should we say “cult” — continued to take over Jocelyn’s home as his relationship with Jocelyn imploded — all under the careful watch of Jocelyn’s manager Destiny (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) — we were on the edge of our seats to see how the fifth episode wrapped up the drama’s first installment.

Keep on reading to get the full breakdown of the havoc wreaked by “The Idol” finale, titled “Jocelyn Forever.”

Jocelyn Kicked Out Tedros

At the top of the episode, Jocelyn appeared to be over and done with Tedros, calling him out as a “con man” and the “fraud” as she finalized her next single before showing her team. When Tedros raises some red flags with the song, Jocelyn shut him down by telling him “I’m done with you.” Jocelyn recounted how her first meeting with Tedros was, in fact, planned, rehashing his whole history with Dyanne. And Chloe added that Tedros had been manifesting meeting Jocelyn “forever.” She told Tedros to leave her house, adding that his crew of artists should stay.

Tedros Took Control of Jocelyn’s Meeting

All hands were on board when Andrew Finkelstein (Eli Roth) called a meeting with Jocelyn at 1 p.m. sharp. Jocelyn went to where Tedros’ crew was staying in her house and told them she would present their talents to her team and the record label so Ramsey, Chloe (Suzanna Son) and Izaak (Moses Sumney) could open her tour. Despite telling Tedros to get out, Tedros took control of the meeting as the group greeted the record label execs and a showcase begun while Jocelyn was nowhere to be found.

Xander Implied that Jocelyn Was Behind Setting Up Rob

As the showcase goes on, Leia (Rachel Sennott) was dealing with the consequences of Tedros setting up Rob. As it turns out, the photo Xander (Troye Sivan) made Rob take a photo with the barely-clothed girl led to accusations of sexual assault against Rob. While Leia can’t speak with Jocelyn amid the chaos, Xander implied to Leia that Jocelyn knew about the allegations — and even set him up.

Nikki Tried to Make a Deal with Tedros

While the record label execs praised the talent showcased by Ramsey, Chloe and Izaak, Nikki (Jane Adams) tried to make a deal with Tedros for finding such incredible talent — even after he called her a “c–t.” “You’re brilliant,” Nikki told Tedros, while Destiny (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) and Chaim (Hank Azaria) scoffed at their conversation.

Jocelyn Told Chaim to Make Tedros a Deal He Couldn’t Refuse to Get Him Out of Her Life

After exhausting all her options to get Tedros to leave her house and her life — even saying she’d call the cops — Jocelyn told Chaim to pay Tedros off with whatever amount of money he needed to get him out of her life. After a very amusing retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood,” security took Tedros into a van with Chaim, where he offered Tedros $500,000 in exchange for promising he will leave Jocelyn alone.

Tedros Threw Away the Check — Leading Chaim to Go to Plan B

Despite receiving a check for half a million dollars, Tedros ripped it up and said Jocelyn is worth more than money. Chaim accepted his choice, and moved to Plan B.

“He’s done,” Chaim told Jocelyn after the fact, noting that he had to pay him “a lot.”

Leia Hit the Road

Following the chaos of the showcase, it appeared the deception at hand was too much for Leia as she packed up her bag and left a note for Jocelyn on her bed.

Nikki Took ‘World Class Sinner’ Back From Dyanne

With Jocelyn back on top, the need for Dyanne at the record label dissipated and Nikki took away her shot at singing “World Class Sinner.” Though Nikki told Dyanne that she had nothing to worry about and that the record label had her back, it’s obvious Dyanne will fade into oblivion.

Tedros Showed up at Jocelyn’s Concert — and Got a Stern Lecture

Six weeks later, as Chaim and the other managers gloated that they took Tedros down via a condemning Vanity Fair article, Tedros showed up at Jocelyn’s show. Jocelyn left him an artist pass under Mauricio Jackson, and he proceeded to get a stern lecture from Destiny, in which she warned him she would kill him should he hurt Jocelyn again.

Jocelyn Took Tedros Back

After Destiny’s harsh warning, Jocelyn appeared and told Tedros she’s glad he’s there with her.

Tedros Realizes Jocelyn Made Up Her Mom’s Abuse

In her dressing room, Tedros grabbed Jocelyn’s hairbrush,and asked Jocelyn if it’s the hairbrush that her mom used to hit her with. Jocelyn said “yes,” though Tedros pointed out that it was new. Jocelyn’s smirk tells us everything that we need to know as Tedros put the puzzle pieces together that Jocelyn made up the abuse that her mom supposedly committed against her. Tedros looked shocked as he and Jocelyn head to the stage.

Jocelyn Introduces Tedros to the World

The pop star is officially back on top as Jocelyn took the stage, thanking her fans for sticking with her during the difficult time. Jocelyn then invited Tedros onstage and introduced him to her fans. After sharing a kiss onstage, it’s clear Jocelyn is now in charge as she whispers to Tedros, “You’re mine forever. Now, stand over there.”

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