‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ Soundtrack Drops Ahead of Premiere

You can stream all 39 songs now 

The official “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” soundtrack is here. Amazon Music dropped the release at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET on Friday, two weeks before the Season 1 debut of the series on Prime Video.

The soundtrack features a score composed by Bear McCreary (“Walking Dead,” “Outlander”), who worked out of Abbey Road Studios in London and out of AIR Studios and Synchron Stage in Vienna, and the main title by Howard Shore (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “The Hobbit”).

(You can click here to listen to “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” Season One: Amazon Original Series Soundtrack.)

On the red carpet at the premiere of “The Rings of Power” earlier this week in Los Angeles, McCreary told TheWrap that much detail went into crafting music for each of the kingdoms and types of creatures in the series.

“Every sort of faction, every area needed to have an identity that was so distinct that when individual themes for individual characters from those areas are heard, you know where they’re from,” McCreary said. “So I wrote umbrella themes for each place. And then, underneath the umbrella were four or five different themes that had to fit it. And they all had to sound like they were part of one score. It wasn’t like you were flipping channels on the radio.

“So I created a foundation of orchestra and choir, which is very much in the fan expectation of what this should sound like,” he continued. “And then started pulling in soloists, unique influences from areas of the world that I would only use for certain groups. That was a huge logistical challenge. It was like a million-piece puzzle got dumped on the floor, and I had to piece it all together.”

Two cast members from “The Rings of Power” appear on the soundtrack: Sophia Nomvete (Princess Disa) on “A Plea to the Rocks” and Megan Richards (Poppy Proudfellow) on “This Wandering Day.”

“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” will kick off on Sept. 2 with a two-episode premiere. After each episode, Amazon Music will drop a weekly soundtrack album with the full score for that episode. Additional bonus tracks will be available on Amazon Music exclusively.

Track listing:

01) “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Main Title” (by Howard Shore) 

02) “Galadriel” 

03) “Khazad-dûm” 

04) “Nori Brandyfoot” 

05) “The Stranger” 

06) “Númenor”

07) “Sauron” 

08) “Valinor” 

09) “In the Beginning” 

10) “Elrond Half-Elven” 

11) “Durin IV” 

12) “Harfoot Life” 

13) “Bronwyn and Arondir” 

14) “Halbrand” 

15) “The Boat”

16) “Sundering Seas” 

17) “Nobody Goes Off Trail” 

18) “Elendil and Isildur”

19) “White Leaves”

20) “The Secrets of the Mountain” 

21) “Nolwa Mahtar”  

22) “Nampat”

23) “A Plea to the Rocks” (feat. Sophia Nomvete) 

24) “This Wandering Day” (feat. Megan Richards) 

25) “Scherzo for Violin and Swords” 

26) “Sailing into Dawn” 

27) “Find the Light” (Amazon Music Exclusive)

28) “For the Southlands”

29) “Cavalry” 

30) “The Promised King” (Amazon Music Exclusive) 

31) “Water and Flame”

32) “In the Mines” 

33) “The Veil of Smoke” 

34) “The Mystics” 

35) “Perilous Whisperings” 

36) “The Broken Line” 

37) “Wise One” 

38) “True Creation Requires Sacrifice” 

39) “Where the Shadows Lie” (Instrumental)