‘The Mandalorian’ Season 4 Is Already Written, Jon Favreau Says

Favreau also confirmed that the upcoming “Skeleton Crew” takes place at the same time as Disney+’s flagship “Star Wars” series


“The Mandalorian” Season 3 arrives in a few weeks, but Season 4 of the Disney+ series has already been written.

There’s the possibly apocryphal tale that Jon Favreau had already written several scripts for the breakout live-action “Star Wars” series before it was even properly greenlit for Disney+, and ever since he has worked at a furious pace, overseeing several seasons of “The Mandalorian” and much of the related output like “The Book of Boba Fett.” And in a new interview with a French outlet (which you can watch below), Favreau lets it slip that the fourth season of the ”Star Wars” series has already been written and is ready to go.

“We have to know where we’re going to tell a fully formed story,” Favreau told BFM TV. “We had mapped it out, Dave [Filoni] and I, and slowly you start to write each episode. I was writing it during post-production. All of it has to feel like a continuation and one full story.”

While this might (rightfully) seem like a dig at the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy, which often felt like filmmakers attempting to MadLib each other with little in the way of progress or consistency, there is more than that too. Favreau is stressing the importance of a unified storyline because Filoni is now working on spinoff series “Ahsoka” (starring Rosario Dawson) and another new show which, Favreau reveals, is set in the same general time period as “The Mandalorian.”

“’Ahsoka’ and ‘Skeleton Crew’ all take place within the same ‘Star Wars’ time period. There’s a lot more things that we’ve got to keep in mind and also stuff that we’ve built up to from previous seasons of ‘The Mandalorian’ as well,” Favreau explained.

“The Mandalorian” returns on March 1 and we should be learning more about season 4, plus “Ahsoka” and “Skeleton Crew” (which star Rosario Dawson and Jude Law, respectively) when Star Wars Celebration happens later in March in London.