‘The Roast of Tom Brady’ Tops Netflix’s Most-Watched TV List With 13.8 Million Views

The Brooke Shields comedy feature “Mother of the Bride,” meanwhile, saw 26.7 million views

Tom Brady
Tom Brady in "The Roast of Tom Brady" (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Tom Brady may be getting older, but the art of roasting is just as popular as ever. Netflix’s “The Roast of Tom Brady” topped the streamer’s most-watched TV list for the week of May 6, securing 13.8 million views.

It was followed by the miniseries “Baby Reindeer,” which saw 11.4 million viewers in its fifth week on the list. Other entrants on the list included the Jeff Daniels limited series “A Man in Full” in third place (6.7 million views), Katt Williams’ new comedy special “Woke Foke” in fourth place (4.3 million views) and the podcasting thriller starring Siobhán Cullen and Will Forte “Bodkin” in fifth place (3.3 million views). Additionally, ahead of the Season 3 premiere of “Bridgerton,” the first two seasons of the Netflix original returned to the 8th and 9th spots on the list.

However, the football comedy special wasn’t the most-watched title of the week. That distinction belongs to Brooke Shields’ comedy “Mother of the Bride,” which saw 26.7 million views and topped the English language films list.

“Mother of the Bride” was far and away the most watched movie title of the week, earning three times as many views as the second and third place movies on the list, Jerry Seinfeld’s star-studded Pop-Tarts movie “Unfrosted” (8.8 million views) and the 2001 animated classic “Shrek” (8.5 million views). Director Zach Cregger’s buzzy horror flick “Barbarian” took the fourth spot with 4.6 million views, and the documentary “Secrets of the Neanderthals” snatched fifth place with 4.3 million views.

Next up was the non-English TV list with Spanish drama “The Courier.” The movie about transporting 1,550 million euros received 7.5 million views. That was followed by the Indian horror movie “Shaitaan” (6.6 million views), the Kuwait comedy “Honeymoonish” (6.1 million views), the Indian comedic satire “Laapataa Ladies” (3.4 million views) and the Japanese action comedy “City Hunter” (1.7 million views).

The least-watched category of Netflix content for the week was non-English TV. The Spanish emotional drama “The Asunta Case” was the most-watched program this time around, securing 5.3 million views. It was then followed in second place by the Indian period drama “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar” (4 million views) and in third place by the Turkish romantic drama “Thank You, Next” (3.6 million views). The Korean comedy “Queen of Tears” and the Spanish true crime docuseries “Cooking Up Murder: Uncovering the Story of César Román” took fourth and fifth place, respectively.


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