Ellen DeGeneres Sets Final Comedy Special at Netflix, Promises to ‘Talk About It’

The program will launch later this year as the comedian kicks off a stand-up tour this summer

the ellen degeneres show

Ellen DeGeneres will return to Netflix to host a new comedy special, which the comedian noted would be her last.

The program, which will launch later this year, is expected to touch on the controversial allegations brought against the talk show host in recent years, which accused DeGeneres of fostering a toxic workplace environment on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“To answer the questions everyone is asking me — Yes, I’m going to talk about it,” DeGeneres said in a statement announcing the Netflix special. “Yes, this is my last special. Yes, Portia [de Rossi] really is that pretty in real life.”

The upcoming program marks DeGeneres’ second comedy special at Netflix following 2018’s “Relatable,” which at the time marked her first special since 2003. DeGeneres will also kick off a multi-city stand-up tour on June 19, which is set to begin in San Diego.

“There is nobody quite like Ellen. She is a true legend and pioneer in so many ways,” Robbie Praw, Netflix’s VP of stand-up and comedy formats, said of the special. “We can’t wait to bring fans another one of her hilarious comedy specials later this year.”

DeGeneres similarly promised to “talk about it” ahead of her show’s Season 18 premiere in September 2020 when staffers spoke out about their time working under the daytime host. Amid several allegations of misconduct, Warner Bros. launched an investigation into “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which led to the removal of three of the show’s top producers — Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman and Jonathan Norman — in August 2020.

In May 2021, DeGeneres announced that the 19th season of the show would be its last, citing her need “to take a break.” “I want you to know that I’ve thought a lot about this decision,” DeGeneres said in monologue recorded at the time. “I sat with it for a while. I meditated on it. I talked to Portia. I talked to myself … the point is, I need to take a break from talking.”

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” which ran for more than two decades from 2008 to 2022, tallied up over 60 daytime Emmy awards during its 16-year run.

The new comedy special will be produced by Ben Winston and Fulwell73.


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