‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Thinks Will Smith Is ‘Being Held Emotionally Prisoner’ by Jada: ‘I Don’t Want to Give Them Another Dime’ (Video)

“I’m done defending Will, because Will is out there supporting her,” the ABC host says

Ana Navarro has just about reached her limit when it comes to the ongoing drama surrounding Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. During Monday’s episode of “The View,” the host argued that the actor is currently an emotional “prisoner” of his wife, but added that she won’t be defending him any further.

As part of the Hot Topics discussion, host Sunny Hostin noted that, at the encouragement of a friend, she actually started reading Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir, which of course is the source of all the latest revelations about the actress’ marriage.

Having done so, Hostin admitted she has “completely different opinion about [Jada] now,” because the book is “her truth” and has some added context. But, Navarro remained unmoved. In fact, she even lost some favor she harbored for Will Smith.

“Listen, I’m done with the Jada thing, and I’m done defending Will, because Will is out there supporting her,” Navarro said. “I think Will is being held emotionally prisoner, but you know what? It’s their stuff.”

At that, Hostin encouraged Navarro to read the book in full, arguing that Navarro’s stance on the actors might change. Navarro refused though, saying that she doesn’t want to be even financially supportive of the situation.

“I don’t want to read the book!” Navarro shot back. “I don’t want to give them another dime for her emasculating and embarrassing him! To everybody in the world!”

Navarro admitted that the book she really wants to read is an upcoming biography — of Mitt Romney. But, that’s only because he trashes fellow Republicans, and Navarro read some of her favorite pull quotes from there.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Navarro’s lobbed criticisms at Jada Pinkett Smith. When the book first dropped earlier this month, Navarro scolded the actress for using “bombshells” to earn publicity.

“Listen, I think she’s having a relationship with her bank account,” Navarro said at the time. “‘Cause every time she needs to like, increase the ratings of the Red Table, every time she needs to sell books, she drops these bombshells. I find it unseemly.”


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