‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Laments George Santos’ Expulsion From Congress: ‘Comedians Everywhere Are in Mourning Today’ | Video

“He’s excellent for TV, I’ll give him that,” Alyssa Farah Griffin says

The View

George Santos was expelled from congress on Friday morning, making him just the sixth person in history to be expelled. And while the hosts of “The View” largely celebrated along with everyone else, Joy Behar did find one downside.

“Listen, comedians everywhere are in mourning today,” she joked.

Of course, Behar wasn’t actually sad to see Santos go. But, before she and her co-hosts tore into him, she took aim at the minority of representatives who voted against expelling Santos.

“That includes the fabulous speaker Mike Johnson, Steve Scalise, who was shot and then voted for more guns,” Behar said. “And Elise Stefanik. Who is she again?”

From there, the women discussed the implications of Santos losing his seat, including how it narrows the already slim Republican majority in the House. For Alyssa Farah Griffin, it will almost certainly “lose Republicans a seat,” but it also sets a precedent.

“This is a big deal. I think it’s significant because the previous members who had been expelled, it was people who participated in the Civil War,” she said. “But this man defrauded the voters. He committed crimes. He lied about it, and I believe he was a danger.”

She continued, “He’s so silly that it’s actually — he’s excellent for TV, I’ll give him that. But when you’re a pathological liar, you can’t have access to classified information, you can’t have access to market-moving information.”

Farah Griffin was particularly floored by Santos’ own press conference on Thursday though.

“At his press conference yesterday about this, he was wearing the Ferragamo loafers that he used campaign funds to buy!” she marveled. “Like, he didn’t even try to hide it!”

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video above.


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