‘The View’ Hosts Wonder How Hillary Clinton is Taking Trump Indictment: ‘I Hope She’s Enjoying This’ (Video)

“Donald Trump finally won a popular vote!” Ana Navarro joked

As expected, the hosts of “The View” were thrilled on Friday morning, after a New York grand jury voted to indict twice-impeached former president Donald Trump. But they were also hopeful that a certain former opponent of his was basking in the news as well.

During the morning’s Hot Topics discussion, host Ana Navarro joked that “Donald Trump finally won a popular vote yesterday,” and disagreed with many of her fellow Republicans on the move. “I’ve heard many Republicans say that, you know, this is the destruction of democracy,” she said. “No, it is the strengthening of democracy, and the justice systems, that we are holding everybody accountable.”

That said, Navarro noted that she agreed with host Sunny Hostin, in regards to the fact that Trump is technically innocent until proven guilty — which, she added, is a courtesy Trump himself never extended to Hillary Clinton, with his many “lock her up chants.”

But at the mention of Hillary Clinton, Joy Behar chimed in with one simple hope.

“I hope she’s enjoying this,” Behar said with a laugh.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Navarro delighted in what Trump’s arrest will mean for his grandchildren.

“You know, I was thinking last night, boy — because I was reading this article where Ivanka and Jared apparently want to start their new life in Miami — and I was thinking, you know, they now can give their children the distinction of having matching mug shots for the both of their grandfathers!” she said.

“You can pick whether you want Charlie Kushner or Donald Trump mug shot if you are Jared and Ivanka’s child.”

You can watch the full moment from “The View” in the video above.