Hillary Clinton Won’t Weigh in on Whether Trump Should Be Indicted: ‘I’ve Been Pre-Judged Wrongly Enough’ (Video)

“We should not rush to judgement,” the former Secretary of State said

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won’t say whether she thinks Donald Trump should be indicted following the FBI’s seizure of thousands of classified government documents from Mar-a-Lago this summer. According to Clinton, after being on the other side of getting “pre-judged,” she won’t do it to anyone else; even Trump.

Clinton stopped by “The View” with her daughter Chelsea on Wednesday in support of their new Apple TV+ series “Gutsy.” But of course, the ladies couldn’t get into the series before asking Clinton for her thoughts on the Mar-a-Lago raid and where it’s all heading. At one point, host Joy Behar mentioned she was recently at a dinner with several lawyers, and many of them believed that Trump won’t actually face any consequences.

So, she posed the same question to Clinton: Will Trump be indicted? But the former Secretary of State didn’t have an opinion to offer.

“I don’t know Joy, and I don’t want to pre-judge,” Clinton responded. “I’ve been pre-judged — wrongly — enough, I’m not gonna pre-judge somebody else.”

That said, she noted that the findings so far have been “terrifying” and that this isn’t something that people should be making light of. But again, Clinton said that a true judgement can’t be made without all the evidence possible.

“I think the key is what the facts and the evidence are,” she said. “What the FBI and the intelligence community learn about these documents, how they ended up there, who else saw them – because apparently they’ve been moved around. It’s not like they were in a vault. They were in a storage room where people go in and out getting umbrellas for the pool or, you know, something else. So I think that we have to wait.”

She added: “We have to have, I think, two minds about this. No one is above the law, and the rule of law and democracy has to be our standard. But we should not rush to judgement. We should take it seriously, we should be concerned about it, and we should follow the facts and the evidence.”

You can watch Clinton’s full comments in the video above.