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‘The View’ Hosts Dub Barry Loudermilk ‘Lying Butter,’ Says Capitol Tour Footage Proves U.S. Rep Is ‘Morphing the Truth’ (Video)

”Listen, the bottom line is this; it should be so troubling to all of us just how far the tentacles of January 6 extend,“ Ana Navarro said

As the Jan. 6 committee hearings continue this week, the hosts of “The View” have a new nickname for Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk — “Lying Butter.” The moniker was bestowed on him Thursday morning, as the women discussed new footage released this week that has thrown fair speculation onto the Georgia representative.

As part of their proceedings this week, the committee released footage from the phone of one man who was part of the insurrection at the Capitol. It was then revealed that that same man was part of a tour of Capitol Hill led by Loudermilk on Jan. 5, leading many to wonder if the Georgia congressman had any role in helping the rioters.

In defending the footage on Fox News, Loudermilk angrily claimed “People take pictures there all the time. Why doesn’t the January 6 committee show the entire video? Because they’re taking pictures all up and down the hallway. When the guys near the tunnels go into the Capitol, that’s where they hang the artwork that schoolchildren give and at the other end, there is the trolleys, the trains. And the kids wanted to see the trains that take the congressman to the house chambers. That’s all this was in the Capitol Police. They know this.”

“First of all, Loudermilk should be called lying butter,” guest host Ana Navarro said on “The View” on Thursday. “I’ve been in the capitol a bunch of times. I gotta tell you, I’ve never seen people go through and take pictures of the magnetometer, the hallways, or the staircases.”

She continued, “Listen, the bottom line is this; it should be so troubling to all of us just how far the tentacles of January 6 extend. Into the Supreme Court, into the White House, into the Capitol into Congress. They had inside help. They were there casing the place out. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that. You can see it plainly.”

The hosts got a good chuckle out of Navarro’s new title for Loudermilk, and argued that Loudermilk is facing fair skepticism because of the footage, especially since he originally claimed he didn’t give any tours.

“The truth doesn’t morph like that,” Sunny Hostin said. “So, you know that you’re lying. The truth is the truth. It doesn’t morph. And so I think the problem is, which I think you alluded to in your opening Whoopi, is that he has refused to testify in front of the committee. But he’s testifying on Fox News, right? And he’s morphing the truth over and over and over again, or the alleged truth.”

Indeed, Whoopi Goldberg agreed that Loudermilk should be telling his truth to the committee itself, rather than appearing on Fox News.

“If that’s the truth, sir, then just come in and say that. Why build up all of this tension, like something’s wrong?” Whoopi argued.

Hostin also pointed out that Loudermilk, and any congressperson who had anything to do with Jan. 6 — like the ones who asked Trump for pardons for their attempts to overturn the 2020 election — should be held accountable.

“You do have to focus, though, on the Congress people, because many of them are still serving,” Hostin said. “So the call is coming from inside of the House, right? So you do have to clean house. You must.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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