‘The View’ Hosts Call Out ‘Innuendo and Undertones’ of Sexism Surrounding Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner Divorce

The ABC hosts don’t understand the “spin” of everything that’s happened

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Alyssa Farah Griffin
Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner (Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images), Alyssa Farah Griffin (The View/ABC)

After four years of marriage, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are officially getting a divorce, the couple confirmed this week. The hosts of ABC’s “The View” aren’t loving the “spin” of what happened though, calling out “undertones of sexism” on Thursday morning.

In a joint statement posted to their Instagram accounts, Jonas and Turner wrote that the marriage ended “amicably,” and added that “there are many speculative narratives as to why but, this is truly a united decision.”

Among those “speculative narratives” is TMZ’s report that Jonas has been caring for their two kids “pretty much all of the time” over the last few months while on tour with his brothers, and that Turner prefers to go out and party, while Jonas prefers staying home. But, as the hosts quickly pointed out, Turner is also working at the moment.

“I think the spin of this that bothers me is, she’s working, he’s working,” Sara Haines said. “These weren’t new careers. They met on these terms. She’s at a wrap party for a show she did,” — Haines was referring to a photo of Turner out at a bar with people — “We have wrap parties here. You celebrate the end! So that isn’t just a bar that she’s out hanging out, she happens to be with her colleagues at a bar, celebrating the end of a series.”

Host Sunny Hostin took particular issue with the idea that Jonas shouldn’t have to watch his own kids while working.

“I’m sorry, is this an immaculate conception? I mean, you know, they’re his freaking kids too!” Hostin said. “So what, he’s taking care of the kids. Like, does he get a gold star?”

Alyssa Farah Griffin largely echoed her co-hosts’ sentiments, noting that she’s particularly a huge “Game of Thrones” fan, so she’s extra-invested in Turner’s side of things.

“I sense some innuendo and undertones here of sexism,” she said. “There’s even more out there, I don’t even want to give it steam, but like, alleging things that are on a camera without even saying what it was that they saw?”

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