‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Wipes Out After Missing a Step (Video)

“I’m a klutz!” Behar exclaimed

The View

Joy Behar had a bit of a scare on Thursday morning, as she completely wiped out during her entrance onto the set of “The View.”

As always, the women filed out in a line and headed to their seats. Behar did make it to the table, but fell as she tried to get into her chair. The other hosts promptly surrounded her and helped her up, with crew members coming to the stage as well.

You can watch the moment in the video here and below.

She was able to get right back up and get to her seat, and immediately started joking about it.

“25 years, that has never happened,” Behar said with a laugh. “Who do I sue?!”

Though she was shaken, she joked that “I went flyin’” and reassured everyone she was not seriously hurt. The hosts then unanimously agreed that they hate the chairs that they sit in at the table, before getting into their actual Hot Topics of the day.

After the show returned from its first commercial break, the women poked more fun at what happened.

“I want to clear something up, because you know how things get out and do things. I just want to clear up, Sara did not trip Joy,” Whoopi joked. “She did not do it, and stop sending us texts!”

Behar noted that she did indeed get a barrage of texts following her spill, including from host Ana Navarro, asking if she was OK. But, setting jokes aside, Behar did get serious for a moment, recalling Bob Saget’s recent death.

“The main thing — just to talk seriously — when Bob Saget fell, he died,” Behar said. “If you hit your head, and you feel dizzy or you have blurred vision, or you feel like you want to go to sleep, go to the doctor. Because that will kill you.”

That said, Behar reiterated that she was not injured, saying “I’m a klutz!”