‘The View’ Hosts Crack Up After Joy Behar’s Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘Almost Put My Eye Out!’

“I mean, it was like an earthquake and suddenly the bra was like ‘Helloooo!’ It was something else,” Whoopi joked

The View

Joy Behar had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” when her bra apparently made an appearance at the table. The good news for the host is, it was only visible to the other women — and they absolutely lost it.

The moment came as “The View” returned from its first commercial break of the hour, with Whoopi explaining that, in honor of Valentine’s Day, each segment of the show would begin with a couple in the audience in their custom kissing booth. Whoopi also promised that one couple would get a surprise by the end of the show.

That said, she noted that the hosts got their own Valentine’s Day shocker just moments earlier.

“The biggest surprise happened to us, seconds ago, when Joy’s bra started making all kinds of eyes at people at the table!” Whoopi said. “I mean, it was like an earthquake and suddenly the bra was like ‘Helloooo!’ It was something else.”

Behar joked that it was really just her “special gift to all the old people out there,” to which host Sara Haines quietly added “and the lesbians,” though it seemed she tried to cover her mic in saying so.

“Well she almost put my eye out from where I was sitting,” Whoopi joked. From there, the moderator made her best efforts to get the actual Hot Topic discussion underway, turning the women’s attention to the many unidentified flying objects shot down this week.

“You know, a whole lot of people are speculating about what’s been hovering — it’s her breasts! — over American skies after the US military shot down four objects over eight days,” she added. “So that’s mine and yours!”

When Behar joked that it was just her left breast, Whoopi and the rest of the table needed to take a moment to compose themselves to get into the actual conversation.