‘The View’: Joy Behar Apparently Has Never Heard of Area 51, Asks Co-Hosts ‘What Is It?’ Mid-Conversation (Video)

Once it was explained to her, the ABC host was skeptical of the concept

“The View” host Joy Behar may not be totally up-to-date on pop culture, but apparently, aliens are a particular blind spot for her. On Wednesday’s episode of the show, the ABC host had to pause mid-segment to ask her cohosts what exactly Area 51 is.

The question came as the ladies were discussing the alleged discovery of mummified alien corpses in Mexico this week, and debating how much they actually believe the bodies are from aliens. Most of the hosts were skeptical at best, saying that the bodies looked a little too similar to aliens seen in movies.

Host Sara Haines also pointed out that the ufologist who brought the bodies forward has had previous discoveries debunked, but Sunny Hostin chose to believe.

“Everybody makes mistakes, OK? This time, they’re mummified alien corpses, and they probably have ’em in Area 51,” Hostin said. “Everybody knows that!”

At that, Behar chimed in with some confusion. “What’s that, Area 51?” she questioned. “What is it?”

Host Alyssa Farah Griffin explained it concisely, saying “It’s where the aliens are in Nevada, it’s like a very remote part of the desert.” But, Behar was skeptical, largely brushing her off, saying “OK, Alyssa. OK.”

That said, Behar did have her own theory of what the body actually was.

“Oh yeah, I know what that [is],” she joked at the start of the segment. “I think he dated Lauren Boebert.”

You can watch the full moment from “The View” in the video above.