‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Booed by Audience After Suggesting Kim Kardashian Is a Bombshell Equal to Raquel Welch

“I’m not even — look, I’m moving on,” Whoopi said in response

The View

Sunny Hostin was booed by the audience of “The View” — and even some of her co-hosts — after suggesting that Kim Kardashian is a sex symbol on par with Raquel Welch, who died Wednesday.

The moment came Thursday as the hosts paid tribute to the actress, who died after fighting a brief illness. She was best known for her role in “Fantastic Voyage,” as well as “The Three Musketeers” and “Legally Blonde.”

Welch also appeared in “One Million Years B.C.,” but only had three lines. Still, her skimpy two-piece deerskin bikini from the film became a popular poster and solidified her as an international sex symbol. In discussing her legacy, host Joy Behar argued that “they don’t make any sex symbols like that” these days.

When Hostin suggested Kim Kardashian’s name, the audience immediately reacted, booing and heckling the host. It was a shocking moment for her, as she was visibly surprised by the “turning!” of the crowd.

But Behar and moderator Whoopi Goldberg largely agreed with the people. Whoopi could barely string together a thought to respond to Hostin.

“Yeah, that’s not even — you can’t even put them in the same, I’m not even — look, I’m moving on,” Whoopi said.

And indeed, she moved right on to the next topic for discussion.