‘The View’ Drags Lauren Boebert for Downplaying ‘Beetlejuice’ Behavior: ‘Honey, You Weren’t Eccentric – You Were X-Rated’ (Video)

“This was not a performance of ’50 Shades of Grey,'” the ABC hosts say

Though Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert has apologized for the behavior that led her to being escorted out of a local production of “Beetlejuice,” she maintains that her actions were just a part of her “eccentric” personality. But the hosts of “The View” aren’t buying that line.

Boebert’s antics led the day’s Hot Topics discussion on the ABC talk show, as the hosts marveled at the security footage that was released, which proved Boebert was, contrary to her earlier denials, vaping inside, using her phone’s flash photography to capture what was happening on stage, and also getting pretty handsy with the man she was with.

During an appearance on “Real America with Dan Hall” on Sunday, Boebert downplayed the situation, saying “I was a little too eccentric. I’m very known for having an animated personality, maybe overtly animated personality.”

“Let me just say, Lauren Boebert — no, honey, you weren’t eccentric. You were X-rated,” host Ana Navarro sniped. “This was not a performance of ’50 Shades of Grey.’ It was a performance of ‘Beetlejuice.’”

That said, host Alyssa Farah Griffin took a moment to “defend” Boebert, joking that this kind of thing happens to everyone, all the time.

“In defense of Lauren Boebert, who has not gone to a matinee of ‘Beetlejuice,’ gotten a little over-served, started vaping, gotten a little handsy with someone, gotten dragged out, and then flipped the bird to security?” Farah Griffin mocked with a laugh. “Who among us!”

To that, moderator Whoopi Goldberg laughingly agreed, “You got me!” But on the whole, Whoopi was pretty disgusted by Boebert and the fact she initially lied about her actions.

“It’s past the point of hypocrisy. Now, it’s just stupid,” Goldberg said. “Now, it’s just stupid. You know, we’re used to people saying ‘This never happened. This never happened.’ But when they when they come to you, and they say, ‘Listen, we got the movie. We got the tickets. We got the video,’ you just got to say ‘You got me,’ instead of doubling down.”

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video above.