‘The View’: Leslie Jones Admits She Actually Thought the Electoral College Was a Real School Politicians Had to Attend

“I did think it was a college college,” the comedian says

Leslie Jones performs stand-up in May 2023
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If you’ve ever thought that the Electoral College was a real college that people attended, you aren’t alone. During her appearance on “The View” on Monday, Leslie Jones admitted that she also thought it was a legitimate school — one that any aspiring politicians had to attend.

Stopping by the ABC talk show on Monday to promote her new book, Jones admitted that, prior to becoming a cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” she really didn’t know much about politics. To prove her point, she gave an example.

“Like, seriously, the electoral college, I didn’t know about that,” Jones admitted.

“I was just — I know you gonna be mad when I say this,” she continued, looking to moderator Whoopi Goldberg. “I did think it was a college college. I thought that, you know, people got to go there before they become a politician.”

At that, the entire table cracked up — but admitted that that might not be a bad idea.

“Oh I wish that were the case!” host Sara Haines said, while Alyssa Farah Griffin joked that “That would be smart actually.” Host Ana Navarro piled on, arguing that any Trump voters in general need to go to college.

From there, Jones got a bit more serious, explaining that she’s gotten more political in her comedy to make topics more palatable for regular people.

Of course, Jones being Jones, things did get more intense as she continued. By the end of her segment, Whoopi was literally splashing water from her own mug onto Jones to help the comedian cool down.


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