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Liam Neeson Says His ‘The View’ Appearance Was ‘A Bit Embarrassing’ Thanks to Joy Behar’s Thirst

”I just wasn’t impressed,“ the Oscar nominee said

Liam Neeson did not appreciate his appearance on “The View” last week, the “Taken” star told Rolling Stone, calling the segment he was on alongside hosts Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin “embarrassing.”

The Oscar-nominated actor appeared on the staple morning talk show on Feb. 15, where he talked about the 100th film of his career, “Marlowe,” co-starring Diane Kruger, Jessica Lange and Alan Cumming. Perhaps a bit too fittingly, though, the post-Valentine’s Day episode also saw co-host Behar shooting her shot.

“I was in the dressing room drinking a cup of tea, turned the TV up, and I thought, oh, this will be great. They’re talking about gun violence in America, and I agree that it’s an American problem. I go onstage and join the ladies during the break, and I was congratulating them on this discussion,” Neeson began recounting to Rolling Stone.

But then, the veteran actor said, the conversation took a turn and became more frivolous.

“And then our segment starts and it’s just all this BS with Joy [Behar] and Liam Neeson and having a crush, and I’ve known Whoopi for years and Joy a little bit, but I just wasn’t impressed,” he continued. “I’m uncomfortable in those situations, you know? One of the ladies [Sunny Hostin] is a prosecutor and we had a little chat afterward and it was a good, intelligent conversation, but then the segment’s all about this — oof — 13, 14-year-old crush. It’s just a bit embarrassing.”

The magazine pointed out that the appearance was “chaotic” — the show’s preeminent quality and one familiar to most “View” fans thanks to the hosts’ wide-ranging personalities and opinions. But in the clip, Neeson discomfort made for at-times awkward TV, particularly during a montage that was put together of Behar talking about him throughout the years.

Two standout moments, for instance, showed Behar saying she would like to have her “ashes spread over” Neeson.