‘The View’ Fans React to Meghan McCain’s Exit: ‘Please Stay Off TV Forever Now’

McCain is leaving the show after four controversial years on the panel

meghan mccain
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Meghan McCain’s days of ranting and raving about hot topics on “The View” are over – and fans of the show could not hide their excitement if they tried.

McCain officially signed off from the ABC talk show on Friday to considerable fanfare from longtime “View” viewers, with one commenter exclaiming, “the evil has been defeated!”

The conservative personality’s last day on the show was marked by more smiles and well-wishes than you’d expect for someone that seemingly left a path of interruptions and shouting wherever she went. After a montage of some of McCain’s highlights from the show played, she signed off by thanking “The View” cast, crew and audience for allowing her to “give my opinion and show my perspective.”

“I don’t know what else to say, other than, thank you all so much, again, for the privilege and honor that it has been for the past four years to work on this show,” McCain began. “It really has been incredible. It will be referenced in everything I do for the rest of my life. You women have been so incredible to work with, the crew, the producers, everyone works so hard. And, honestly, the audience, giving me four years to give my opinion and show my perspective.”

She also joked about hoping executive producer Brian Teta could “forgive me for making his blood pressure rise for the past four years, as much as I probably have.”

Before rolling the montage, Whoopi Goldberg described McCain as “a co-host who’s never been at a loss for words.”

Online commenters were not nearly as diplomatic in their goodbyes to McCain. Check out some of the best “Megxit” reactions here. 


McCain announced her departure in early July.

“I am just going to rip the Band-Aid off. I’m here to tell all of you, my wonderful co-hosts and the viewers at home that this is going to be my last season here at ‘The View,’” McCain said in the episode. 

In addition to a wide array of, um, interesting hairstyles, McCain provided one controversial take after another as the show’s designated conservative voice, from calling VP Kamala Harris a “moron” to claiming she’s more likely to die by homicide than COVID. She also made many a headline for clashing with her co-hosts, whether she was lashing out at Goldberg for cutting her off or getting into a shouting match with Joy Behar over Rep. Matt Gaetz. 

A replacement has yet to be announced although fans have speculated that Candace Owens, Megyn Kelly, or Kellyanne Conway could be taking McCain’s spot. As for McCain’s post-‘View’ plans, she is set to produce a Lifetime movie, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff,” starring Heather Locklear.


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