‘The View’: Meghan McCain Still Doesn’t Like Kathy Griffin, Demands Apology for Old Clay Aiken Jokes (Video)

“I think he’s lucky he didn’t end up becoming an opioid addict, given the degree of bullying that happened to him,” the host says

Following Kathy Griffin’s announcement that she’s been diagnosed with lung cancer and was undergoing surgery later Monday, “The View” host Meghan McCain is offering her sympathy. But she’s also making it clear she doesn’t like the comedian.

Discussing Griffin’s diagnosis to kick off Monday’s show, the panel of women acknowledged that while the comedian has made jokes in poor taste in the past, leading her to be “canceled,” they all wish her well.

“Well first, I just wanna say it’s terrible and very scary to be diagnosed with cancer, and it’s very tragic to hear of her having an opioid addiction,” McCain said. “Both things have hit my family very hard, and it’s just horrific to go through as someone who’s a bystander, let alone actually going through it yourself. So, you know, my heart goes out to her in that way, and I hope for a very speedy recovery.”

But speaking to the reason Griffin was canceled, McCain was far less sympathetic. In fact, she’s still angry over jokes that Griffin made at the expense of one of McCain’s closest friends nearly two decades ago.

“My issue with Kathy Griffin is — I’m gonna name drop — Clay Aiken is one of my closest friends in the entire world. He’s ostensibly my brother. She made very, very, very cruel and homophobic jokes about him before he was out of the closet,” McCain said. “We have to go back to like 2002, 2003, when that was still acceptable. He is a very strong person, and has a very strong constitution, and he has said himself that he is one of the last people you can make homophobic jokes about and it’s still socially acceptable.”

McCain added though that she believes he could’ve also become an opioid user himself because of Griffin’s comments.

“I think he’s lucky he didn’t end up becoming an opioid addict, given the degree of bullying that happened to him when he was still struggling to come out of the closet. You can just go on YouTube and see a lot of the jokes that she made about him — and other comedians, but she really led it — so I would love to hear an apology, if she’s doing this kind of soul searching, for what could’ve happened with my good friend. I don’t like her, I’m never gonna like her for all the jokes she made about Clay.”

The host added that she also will never like Griffin because of the photo she posted, depicting her holding the severed, bloody head of Donald Trump. Reps for Griffin did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

You can watch the hosts of “The View” discuss Griffin in depth in the video above.


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