‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Laments ‘Sad’ Irony of Lost Submersible: ‘Titanic Itself Went Down’ Due to ‘Incompetence and Stupidity’ (Video)

“Same with this. That’s the irony of it,” Behar said

It’s currently a race against the clock as rescuers strive to find a lost submersible full of tourists that went to the depths of the ocean to see the wreckage of the Titanic. And while the hosts of “The View” are hopeful that it’ll be found in time, Joy Behar lamented the “sad and scary” irony of the circumstances.

A quick recap: on Sunday morning, a submersible from OceanGate Expeditions carrying five people lost contact just under two hours into their journey to the shipwreck. The submersible had a 96-hour oxygen supply and, as of this writing, had under 20 hours left. So, on Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg said a prayer for those onboard.

As the discussion progressed, host Joy Behar admitted that she isn’t into taking physical risks, and was surprised that these people got on the craft in the first place.

“They say that the…submersible has been certified to withstand the pressure of 1300 meters of depth, but the Titanic wreck wreckage is 3800 meters of depth,” Behar said. “So that’s a tip-off right there.”

That said, her co-hosts admitted that they can see the appeal for those who are into that kind of thing, especially considering the fact that the Titanic was a cultural touchstone. Eventually though, Behar honed in on one specific aspect.

“It’s interesting, because the Titanic itself went down because of human incompetence and stupidity on the part of — according to the movies — hubris,” she said. “Same with this. That’s the irony of it. They’re going to see the same thing that’s happening to them. It’s very sad and scary.”

You can watch the full discussion from “The View” in the video above.