‘The View’ Hosts Grill GOP Presidential Hopeful Francis Suarez for Still Supporting Trump: ‘Come On’

“Are you saying you would vote for him because you know you need his base to vote for you?” Joy Behar asked

Joy Behar on "The View" (ABC)
The View (ABC)

Republican presidential hopeful Francis Suarez stopped by “The View” on Friday, and the hosts wasted no time in grilling him about his promised support of Donald Trump, should the twice-indicted former president get the GOP nomination.

To start the interview, the women largely questioned Suarez on his platform, and how he plans to win against Trump and Ron DeSantis, who are both polling far ahead of most of the Republican pool of candidates at the moment. As he answered their questions, Hostin praised Suarez, saying “you sound so reasonable.”

But, Hostin then called out the fact that Suarez has said that he will support and vote for Trump, should he become the nominee in 2024. “See, now, that doesn’t sound reasonable,” she said. In response, Suarez side-stepped the issue, saying that, in the end, he’s running to get people to vote for him, and hopes to vote for himself. Hostin wouldn’t let him off the hook though.

“But you would vote for a man that has been impeached twice, you would vote for a man that has two pending indictments, criminal indictments,” she listed. “You would vote for a man who, Bill Barr said the federal indictment against the former president is ‘very damning.’ Do you think those charges of national security are damning?”

Suarez conceded that the charges are serious, but once again tried to shift the focus of his answer to wanting people to vote for him, not the hypothetical of Trump getting the nomination. At that though, Joy Behar stepped in.

“But sir, are you saying you would vote for him because you know you need his base to vote for you, or because you think he would actually be a good president?” she asked. “Come on!”

Host Ana Navarro attempted to help Suarez at that point, who she’s noted has been a friend of hers for several years now.

“To begin with, if he says he doesn’t vote for him, he doesn’t get on the debate stage,” she said, prompting Suarez to admit “Yeah, that’s true!”