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‘The View’ Hosts Blast RFK Jr. for Invoking Nazi Germany at Anti-Vax Rally: ‘Every Family Has an Idiot’ (Video)

”And obviously the Kennedys are not immune to that,“ Ana Navarro said

The hosts of “The View” have dubbed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the “idiot” of the Kennedy family after he likened COVID safety protocols to living in Nazi Germany over the weekend.

Appearing at an anti-vax rally in Washington D.C., RFK Jr. slammed the current regulations, and claimed “Even in Hitler’s Germany, you could cross the Alps to Switzerland, you can hide in an attic, like Anne Frank did.” At that, the women balked.

“How can anyone be this misinformed?” host Whoopi Goldberg marveled. “Not just about the vaccines and the mandate, but about history? How is it possible?”

Ana Navarro was a bit more savage in her words, branding RFK Jr. the weak link of the Kennedy family.

“Well, listen, the only reason we’re talking about him is because he is the son of a great man who means so much to American history,” Navarro said. “But you know what, every family has an idiot. And obviously, the Kennedys are not immune to that.”

She added that his words were blatantly “offensive” and that the Holocaust is a comparison being made far too flippantly by anti-vaxxers.

“I find it incredibly offensive though, that they keep referencing the Holocaust, which is such a unique time in history that should be respected as such,” Navarro added.

Host Joy Behar then took a moment to point out RFK Jr.’s long history with being outspoken against vaccines, reminding viewers that “Robert Kennedy Jr. is one of the first perpetrators of the anti-vax movement. He’s one of the people back in the day, who said that the measles vaccine caused autism.”

You can watch the hosts’ full discussion on RFK Jr. in the video above.

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