‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin and Tim Scott Caught Mid-Argument After Commercial Break

It’s unclear what exactly the two were discussing, but it appeared to be about the show’s attempt at getting another guest

The View

Republican presidential hopeful Tim Scott appeared on “The View” on Monday morning and yes, he and the hosts did butt heads at various moments. At one point, he and Sunny Hostin were caught mid-argument when the show returned from a commercial break.

It’s unclear what exactly the two were sparring on, though it appeared to be about the show’s attempt at getting someone else to appear on an episode. When the camera came back to the table after the break and the mics were turned back on, Hostin could be heard telling the U.S. senator, “We invited him on the show, he wouldn’t come.”

It seems the two didn’t realize the show had returned, as moderator Whoopi Goldberg quickly chimed in letting them know.

“We’re arguing over here still, I apologize,” Scott said.

At that, Hostin joked that they were “discussing,” not “arguing,” prompting Scott to say “I thought it was an argument, but it’s a discussion.”

The two pretty well clashed throughout the entire episode, primarily on the topic of systemic racism. The hosts have been vocal in their criticisms of Scott’s thoughts on that, and Scott has been similarly vocal about his thoughts on their thoughts.

During Monday’s show, he even called the women out directly, saying that they’ve sent a “dangerous, offensive, disgusting message” to youth about how young Black kids can succeed in the world. When Hostin pushed against the stats and figures Scott was attempting to use to bolster his argument that it’s now easier for Black people to succeed, Scott scolded her.

“You had the chance to ask the question,” he said, cutting off her objections. “I know that you — I’ve watched you on the show, you like people to be deferential and respectful, so I’m gonna do the same thing.”

You can watch that first moment in the video above.