‘The View’ Hosts Mock Trump’s ‘Blasphemous’ Bible Merch: ‘Hypocrisy at Its Most Religious’

“The last time he was on his knees, he was looking to pick up a french fry,” Joy Behar jokes

The View

Donald Trump is attempting to sell yet another piece of merchandise, this time a $60 Bible. For the hosts of “The View,” it’s nothing short of “blasphemous” hypocrisy.

On Tuesday, Trump posted a video promoting the new version of the religious text, which he’s created in partnership with country music star Lee Greenwood, best known for his song “God Bless the U.S.A.” According to Trump, the books also include the Pledge of Allegiance, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

After said video finished playing on “The View” on Wednesday morning, the hosts were silent for a bit, looking either irritated, baffled or both. Of course, once they collected themselves, they immediately laid into Trump’s latest attempt to sell a product.

“The last time he was on his knees, he was looking to pick up a french fry,” Joy Behar joked. “Please.”

Behar then reminded viewers of Michael Cohen’s testimony that Trump once told him that pastors are “all hustlers,” and that Trump also complained about religious figures after a meeting with them.

“This is hypocrisy at its most religious!” Behar declared.

Cohost Sara Haines agreed, adding that it’s “pandering” and arguing that Trump is decidedly not an example of someone who follows the teachings of Jesus. Sunny Hostin then noted that the merch is “blasphemous,” but she wouldn’t allow herself to get much deeper into it.

“It’s Holy Week, and so I cannot say what I would like to say,” she quipped with visible restrain.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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