‘The View’ Host Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Her Own Network on Treatment of Mothers in Workplace: ‘You Hear That ABC?’ (Video)

“We’re here, we can say this to you,” she said on the daytime talk show

Whoopi Goldberg called out her own employer on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” warning them about their treatment of working mothers at the company. According to the host, ABC’s “gotta pay more attention to the mothers.”

Goldberg’s comments came toward the end of the show, during the appearance of Paula Faris, the show’s final guest and, ironically, a former co-host. Faris was promoting her new book, “You Don’t Have to Carry It All,” which “reveals a game plan that will not only make being a working mom ‘work’ but will also reveal how and why society needs to value mothers first.”

During the discussion, host Alyssa Farah Griffin mentioned her admiration of Faris’ point in the book that companies will face retention and hiring issues if they don’t support working mothers, and wondered if that message is “breaking through” with companies.

Faris admitted she doesn’t know for sure, but argued that “the people have spoken” and the sentiment of wanting better isn’t going to go away, regardless of who it’s coming from.

“This isn’t just families, mothers, and fathers, again, who are some of the most productive and loyal employees,” Faris explained. “Everyone wants flex time, 95% of employees, regardless of whether or not you’re a parent, they want flex hours, they want hybrid location, and if companies don’t pay attention to this — like, this is the new reality — they’ll face a serious hiring and retention crisis, if it hasn’t already happened.”

At that, Goldberg chimed in to call out ABC directly.

“You hear that ABC? We’re here, we can say this to you,” the host said, speaking upward and pointing to the invisible higher-ups. “You gotta pay more attention to the mothers. All the mothers.”

Watch the video above.

ABC didn’t immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.