‘The View’: Whoopi Cringes and Goes Limp During Prolonged Hug With Sara Haines

The ABC moderator simply wasn’t in a hugging mood on Monday

The View

Whoopi Goldberg definitely wasn’t in a hugging mood during Monday morning’s episode of “The View.” So, when Sara Haines sprang a particularly long embrace on the moderator, Whoopi simply winced through it and let her body go mostly limp.

In fairness to Haines, hugging was legitimately the Hot Topic at hand. The women were discussing country star Jelly Roll and his tendency to hug people more often than not. Whoopi noted that she didn’t want to ask the actual question, but knew she must before specifically asking the hosts to weigh in on hugging.

She directed the question to Haines first, who promptly said, “Come here,” and leapt from her chair to give Whoopi a massive embrace.

Whoopi initially moved to hug her back, but as Haines rocked her back and forth for a prolonged squeeze, Whoopi instead opted to let her arms flail back and forth limply, as she cringed through the whole thing.

“It’s my love language!” Haines declared after she finally let her cohost go.

The hosts all confirmed that Haines is the hugger of the group, with Alyssa Farah Griffin even recalling that Haines startled Farah Griffin’s German sister-in-law and her friends when they came to town by hugging them on first meeting.

“Sara comes to say hi and just bear hugs both of them, and one of the German girls goes, ‘Oh, we do not do this in Germany,’” Farah Griffin recounted, putting on a German accent.

According to host Sunny Hostin, her own father “still talks about” Haines’ hugs.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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